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Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to TwoQM, LLC. We work hard to ensure that you are happy with the services and quality of our work. We are TwoQM, LLC and you can learn everything about us right here.

What is TwoQM, LLC?

TwoQM (Quantitative Qualitative Marketing) is a marketing research company helping businesses grow online. We provide solutions that ensure your business uses the right channels to get to your customers. We ensure that every dollar that you spend, in return, makes you money. We offer development, consultations, training, and more! With over 80+ clients and counting, we continue to grow, and we continue to help businesses grow every day.

What is our Mission?

Our Mission is to ensure that you, our customer, reach the desired growth for your company. We focus on you and everyone in our company believes that. We intend to assist you in every way you allow us, because to us, it is all about you. We statistical data to ensure that every move is the right move. Give us the opportunity, and you'll quickly see why businesses choose us over the competition.

Why Us?

Are we better? That's subjective, especially in a field of uncertainties. What sets us apart from the comptition is not our work, we do excellent work and hundreds of companies do the same. What truly sets us apart is that we care. We care about you. You and your business are important to us. We work close and personal with you to ensure that your business grows. We offer affordable pricing, payment plans, and more just so we can be there every step of the way.
Research Marketing99%
Business Branding99%
Business Development99%
Demographic Focus99%
Digital Marketing99%

What to Except

Except nothing but the best. Except the highest quality of service you have ever seen in South Texas. You'll quickly realize that the value we provide far exceeds the price we ask for.

  • Dedication

    We will dedicate time and energy to help you grow, because your business is important.


    You can reach us and engage with us, ask us questions, because we are here for you.


    We will always treat you with respect and professional in our services and our work.


    We are connected with businesses all across South Texas to better serve you.

  • Creative

    Everything we do will stand out from the competition, because we don't do good, we do awesome.

    Cost Effective

    We focus so much on you and your business that we forgot to set high prices! Low Prices Guaranteed.

    Accurate Information

    Receive up-to-date information on your business. Helps you understand what works and doesn't.

    5 Star Service

    Receive a service like no other. We work close with you, and we don't give you the runaround. Just ask, we answer.

Meet Our Team

TwoQM is a small company just in size. We have a team committed to you.

  • Juan Badillo, 2QM
    Juan Jose Badillo

    Web Design | Marketing Research | Campaign Management | Statistical Analysis

    Perla Aguilar, 2QM
    Perla Aguilar
    Marketing Consultant

    Event Marketing | Advertisement | Reputation Marketing | Design

    Lydia Jones, 2QM
    Lydia Jones
    Marketing Consultant

    Business Management | Consultations | Planning | Sales